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Health Seminar


By Dr. Wong Ang Peng (Naturopath Physician)
Dr Matthias Rath is the world reknowned physician and research scientist who made the ground breaking discovery connecting cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other chronic conditions to nutrient deficiencies. Dr Rath’s scientific discovery changes our understanding of the origins of heart disease. Heart disease develops because of a long term deficiency of essential nutrients in the vascular walls, not because of high cholesterol consumption through our diet. Vitamin malnourished vascular walls weaken, causing microscopic cracks and lesions to develop, which trigger cholesterol molecules that are synthesized in the liver to deposit in the cracks of the vascular walls to reinforce the weakened structures.

Dr Rath’s recent scientific breakthrough points to the connective tissue integrity as a critical factor for blocking the invasion and spread of cancer cells. Understanding the mechanism by which cancer cells spread (metastasize), and later successfully developing a method to control them, Dr Rath has contributed a quantum leap forward to the path to defeating cancer.
Dr Wong Ang Peng
Dr. Wong is a professional speaker on health subjects especially chronic and degenerative diseases. He has won awards for his work on promoting natural medicine and health and the spreading of scientific knowledge in Malaysia and the Asian region.


By Dr Romy Paredes (MD, CMT)

The most frequent cause of cellular malfunction is a chronic deficiency of essential cellular nutrients particularly vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements, these cellular nutrients are the raw materials in all the biochemical processes that each cell of the human body undergoes.

Some well defined beliefs and principles distinguish the orthomolecular practitioner from orthodox health practitioner. These principles actually are an important part of our professional identity.
Dr Romy Paredes
Dr. Romy Paredes is a trained medical doctor in Integrative Medicine and is also a clinical metal toxicologist. He is the founder of Bio - Integrative Health Link Center Inc and the Head Doctor of Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines


By Dr Biju Negi (Programme Coordinator - Food Sovereignty and Ecological Agriculture Programme, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific)

The presentation will cover how GE is bad for the health of the people, animals, soil and water. The impact of GE on food and agriculture, and how that impact is a matter of concern to all of us, and our future generations. GE is bad science, and how transnational corporations engaged in GE promotion have paid scientific research to suit their own narrow commercial interest, at a great cost to humanity. The presentation will also cover how GE is related to anti natural health.
Dr Biju Negi
Dr. Biju Negi is a professional writer and consultant on agricultural issues and a trainer in writing and documentation. He is an activist in farmer movements and one of the founder members of a non-formal collective of small farmers and activists called Save Seeds Movement in Uttarakhand, Himalaya.


By Ms Saroja Theavy Balakrishnan (Health Consultant & Writer)

Natural medicine is based on natural laws, or God-made laws, and has been in practise by civilisations and various cultures since time immemorial. It is about living and eating healthily and good health should be reflected in the physical, mental and emotional plain. Unfortunately, there is so much confusion that people fail to realize that living healthily without chronic illness is possible. Millions of young people die premature death. The middle age and the old are usually stricken with all kind of illness until they were confronted by heart attack, stroke, organs failures or cancer. Practically many of them suffer and go through a journey of degenerative health before they die.

The British House of Common Report (March, 2005) made compelling report about the pharmaceutical industry which controls the medical establishment. The industry controls the media and use NGOs as fronts to propagate and serve their hidden agenda to medicalise the masses. They do business with disease and use the human body as their market place. Drug sales of various types amount to multi-billions of dollars per year. Under the shroud of so-called ‘evidence based medicine’ , the industry promotes the use of synthetic drugs weffects to treat diseases, leaving behind long traits of untold iatrogenic diseases. Causes of most diseases are unknown and genetics are to be blamed. Never, never depend on the establishment to bring you good health, but you, and you alone.

Ms Saroja
Ms Saroja is a much sought after speaker on natural health. She passionately articles and short stories on social and health issues, winning many awards.

She is actively assisting The Dr Rath Foundation Works in the South East Asian region.


By Dr. Gan Khai Chung (Founder & Managing Director – Rapat Nusantara Sdn Bhd)

The development and patented Renewable Energy System of biomass to bio-energy, solar energy, and hydrogen fuel.

Environment preservation by recycling Organic & Agriculture Waste to bio-organic fertiliser for various multinational companies.

Organic Fertiliser production.

Biotechnology to produce good microbes for agriculture, livestock, solid waste management, waste water and palm oil mill effluent treatment.
Dr Gan Khai Chung
Dr. Gan is an engineer by profession and his area of specialties are renewable energy, biotech and environmental friendly waste recycling technology. He has patented a process using bio-waste to produce clean heat and energy in promoting rapid growth for crops in close greenhouses.

Seminar Details
Venue Dewan Seminar, Jab. Perkhidmatan Veterinar Neg. Selangor, Lot 2 Jln Utas 25/7 Seksyen 15

Date 18th April 2009

Time 9.00 am—5.00 pm

MAP SNH Seminar Seksyen 15 Shah AlamSeminar
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Fees RM50/= (Non-members)
RM30/= (Members)

All cheques crossed and made payable and sent to:

Society of Natural Health, Malaysia
33 Jalan USJ 3/1D
47600 Subang Jaya

RSVP : Ms Saroja Theavy (013-3635641)

Ms Laily Umar (013-2279723)



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