Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Belacan Geragok and Other Prawns.

klpac is cooking up a feast with Mark Beau de Silva and Ashraf Zain in Belacan Geragok and Other Prawns. This all-new play is based on a story revolving around two Malaysians grappling with life and romance with their histories in tow.

Emmanuel de Cruz is part of the recent generation of Portuguese Eurasians who left Ujong Pasir in search of greener pastures. Adam Malik, on the other hand, has never left KL except for a short stint at MCKK.

The recession has hit the shores and Emmanuel subsequently lost his job at the TV station. Follow Adam as he coaches Emmanuel through several mock interviews, resulting in humourous and telling scenes of their relationship and their pasts which will ultimately determine their future.

Created by prolific writer Mark Beau de Silva and actor Ashraf Zain, local audiences were given a sneak preview when the duo appeared in two workshop performances in March. The feedback from the audience was taken into consideration as the two continued to fine tune the script and improve the staging of the play.

Two months later, these very same audience members will have the opportunity to see some of their thoughts and reactions injected into this entertaining treat.

Snappy, fun, and bitchy. Get to know these two prawns of different histories and smells...

This performance is recommended for matured audiences only.



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