Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KL Design Week 2010

From the powerful voices of world-renowned designers, artists, thinkers and dreamers.

KLDW 2010 is proud to present a line-up of enlightening and inspirational conferences over the span of 3 days from May 7 until 9:

Day 1: Typographics Conference

Type is everywhere and most of the time was not being paid much attention to, yet paradoxically, successful type design is one that may be the key in dynamic graphic design. The Typographics Conference is set to discuss and delve into the subject of modern typography design.

Speakers' list:

* Reza Abedini (Iran)

* Rian Hughes(UK)

* Me & Mister Jones (Belgium)

* Andrew Byron (UK/LA)

* Hideki Inaba (Japan)

* Douglas Young - G.O.D. (Hong Kong)

Special mention: Reza Abedini's work is deeply rooted in the rich history, tradition and poetic sense of the Persian Culture. A grandmaster of typographic design, his name is listed in Megg's History of Graphic Design, as one of the world's outstanding post digital designers.

Day 2: Creative Magazines Symposium

This constant pursuit of creative integrity and inspirational ideas has led to the influx of independent creative-based magazines and media. The Creative Magazines Symposium serves as a platform for those who are currently involved or wishes to be involved into the world of creative magazines and media.

Speakers' list:

* Creative Review (UK)

* DesignBoom (Italy)

* +81 (Japan)

* Sven Ehmann (Berlin)

Special mention: Creative Review is the leading magazine for visual communication. Aiming to inspire, inform and stimulate debate among readers in the fields of visual communication worldwide, they have subscribers in 80 countries and readers in 120.

Day 3: Super Ani/Motion Conference

The Super Ani/Motion Conference is set to explore and dig into the world of motion graphics and animation design. This time around, there will be two sections, Anime Masters and Motion Masters.

Speakers' list:

* Feng Zhu (USA)

* David O'Reilly (Berlin)

* Niko Stumpo (Netherlands)

* Mr Tomioka of Kanaban Graphics (Japan)

* Fantasista Utamaro (Japan)

Special mention: A graduate of Art Center College of Design, Concept Designer Feng Zhu made his millions with movies such as Transformers, Star Wars Episode III, and many more Hollywood blockbusters. He is also the founder and Creative Art Director of FZD School of Design.



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