Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Eco SPCA Selangor Coming Up

  With infrastructure and buildings over 50 years old, SPCA is sorely in need of an upgrade and redevelopment in order to perform their services to the animals and community more effectively. SPCA Selangor is extremely grateful that the Selangor State Government has recognized their contribution to animal welfare and granted them the title to the current premises that sit on 2 acres.
With approval to build imminent, SPCA Selangor will finally be rebuilt, with lush and magnificent trees that will be kept as an integral part of the new ECO SPCA. The new premises while enhance the living standards of their animals, incorporate Adoption and Surrender Counseling rooms, a big and modern Humane Education Resource room, proper quarantine areas, serene post-operation rooms amongst others. They hope that potential adopters will be attracted by an iconic, elegant and design conscious Shelter where animals play happily while waiting for homes.   

 The brand new facility comes with a fresh, new and sustainable strategic direction that will eliminate euthanasia as a means of population control, eliminate sound and odor pollution to respect residents living nearby, enable better socialization of animals, proper surrender and adoption counseling rooms while veering away from constantly being the dumping ground for irresponsible owners, good Samaritans excepted.

 While they embark on selective intake of animals to their capacity of 100 dogs and 150 cats, they will instead offer solutions, expanding their reach of MissionHELP, their 6th Pillar that helps people help animals. MissionHELP will allocate more assistance to Animal carers and fosterers, animal rescuers and sanctuaries via food, normal medical services, free or low-cost spay/neuter. They encourage good Samaritans who find injured or abandoned animals to foster them while SPCA provides medical treatment and food, in the event that SPCA is at full capacity.
SPCA thanks their architects Hijjas Kasturi & Associates, engineers TP Ng Perunding, landscape designer Inchscape and numerous donors and sponsors of their kennels and new buildings. The redevelopment will start in August 2013 and is expected to take 1 and a half years. During this time their capacity of animals intake will be reduced and they will embark on an adoption campaign to rehome as many animals as possible.

SPCA are focused on building a new iconic SPCA, incorporating the green values of 3Rs - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce - combined with sustainability, style and thoughtful presentation of key areas. The well-being of the animals will take priority over all other considerations, of course! Preservation of the huge trees is paramount, as is the provision of spacious enclosures for each animal to live comfortably.


  Inspired by tropical vernacular architecture, Practical sensibilities and friendly to the local environment

Cluster of buildings in complex are arranged in the Chinese courtyard typology, for efficient use of land and greater connectivity and interaction between the different parts of the complex.

Land area : 6836 sqm, Gross floor area: 3252 sqm

Facilities :

Main block - Reception, Administration, Inspectorate office, Marketing & Communications office, adoption showcase & consultation, surrender consultation

Veterinary Center - Vet office, Surgery rooms, Clinic, Quarantine/ holding areas, Post-op care

Kennels - 9 blocks for dogs, each with a grassy dog-run

Cat aviary - Open-shaded space and cattery

Kennel house - staff room for kennel workers

Club house - conference room, Humane Education hall, resource center and volunteer lounge

Capacity :

up to 250 dogs & pups

up to 150 cats & kittens

up to 30 staff

up to 16 parking lots

Contribute Towards Their New Shelter!

SPCA Selangor depends entirely on the generosity and support of the public to carry out our services and activities. Every bit counts towards the building of our new animal shelter, where you can contribute in a variety of ways!

Ways of Giving

Kennel Sponsorship @ RM5,000

There will be 160 spacious kennels built in the new animal shelter, to house up to 250 dogs and puppies at any one time. Plaques will be placed above each kennel, and donors can name the kennel after their family, company, school, college, or even dedicate it to a beloved pet.

Cattery/ Cat Aviary Sponsorship @ RM3,000

The spacious catteries and airy Cat Aviary will house up to 200 cats and kittens, providing interaction and enrichment for them. These fine felines will able to roam freely and climb the branches as if they are outdoors in the Cat Aviary, which will be built around one of our big trees. We are looking for more than 200 sponsors for the catteries and Cat Aviary.

Sponsor - A - Brick @ RM10

This is a great way for students and everyday people to contribute and be a part of this exciting project - every bit counts!

Facility Sponsorship

We are seeking corporate sponsors for several facilities with naming rights- the vet clinic, surgery room, post-op care ward, conference room, Humane Education hall, Resource Center, Volunteer Lounge and the Kitten & Puppy Adoption Showcases. Please contact us for more information on facility sponsorship.

Sponsor Building Materials, Fixtures & Furnishing

We need bricks, cement, steel bars, floor & roof tiles, lights, fans, windows, doors, air-conditioner units, a CCTV security system, fire-alarm system, telephone system, pet furniture, office furniture & landscaping.



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