Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Muscle Training on Imagination with Theatre du Soleil

Kakiseni with the support of Capricomm present Creation Workshop “Muscle Training on Imagination” with Theatre du Soleil happening at The Actors Studio in Taman Tun from  July 17-27, 2013. Shaghayegh Beheshti is a world-renowned artist and belongs to one of the legendary stage ensemble, Theatre du Soleil. 

As a performer with incredible achievements and possessing experience that is wise beyond her years, Shaghayegh Beheshti will be coming down to Malaysia to head a workshop called “Muscle Training on Imagination”, a 9-day workshop on instructing talents and collective creation.

Last year, Kakiseni has invited an internationally-renowned theatre master Philippe Gaulier, who was here to share his unique vision and tutor on performance art. Nearly 40 performing artists in attendance were honored to be with the master and through the vigorous but enthralling 5 days, they’ve greatly profited and flourished with useful tips and advises from this workshop. 

Keeping up with the good feedback the workshop has received, Kakiseni, with collaboration alongside Capri Communication and Need Entertainment, to once again make an invite to the international young artist, Shaghayegh Beheshti, to made a visit here in Malaysia, for in-depth course and teachings of the knowledge regarding theatre and performance.

Beheshti was born in Iran and had moved to France since early age. She joined Theatre du Soleil in 1997 and she’s been taking part in numerous world-renowned theatre production ever since. Theatre du Soleil is the most influential theatre in the French theatre history, captivating audience’s attention ever since its inception. 

They’re the very first to incorporate theater entity space into their production, causing a breakthrough in the art-form.  Their first major success, “1789”, which was produced in 1970s, has surprised the overall theatre arts scene.

Besides, Theatre du Soleil encourages combination of creation and social issue. During the initial stage of production, they put much emphasize on performer’s impromptu creation and being involved in research for long period of time. Under the instruction of theatre’s founder Ariane Mnouchkine, Beheshti has been with the company for 16 years, holding important positions including playwright, advisor, assistant director and actor. 

She has been playing decisive role in several stage performances and film. She’s one of those people that most directors would love to work with. 

Furthermore, she has an extensive experience in performing, giving her the great opportunity to work with different artists. These experiences have helped her in creating ideas for stories and character-shaping, making her one of the most outstanding actor in contemporary theatre scene. 

Every production from Theatre du Soleil will be a highlight in art scene and its creation will play a role in the world’s trend. This time in Malaysia, Beheshti will share her stories that she has with Theatre du Soleil, alongside her ideas and technique for creativity. It’s definitely a not-to-be-missed opportunity for drama enthusiasts.

The content of this workshop will focus on the art of impromptu and collective creation. Participants will have to work for 8 hours a day throughout the workshop’s 9-day period. Physical training will be held each and every morning. After an hour break at noon, there will be impromptu and collective creation session.

The module of this workshop is based on Theatre du Soleil’s long term training and working mode. The organizer is calling on everyone related to performing arts and enthusiasts to take part in this workshop. The opportunity to learn directly from a world-class artist is especially a golden chance for newbies.  

 Limited seats are available. For those who are interested, please contact the organizer immediately. For more information, log on to the relevant website and the official Facebook page

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