Monday, September 21, 2015

frigglive Chats With Ms Lim Pei Yan

frigglive Chats With Ms Lim Pei Yan, the vivacious owner of Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd and sole distributor of Laurastar Ironing Systems.

words: Dave Avran
images: veronica Ng

FL: How did you bring LAURASTAR into Malaysia? Did you see a need in the market?

LPY: Well, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and always wanted to start something on my own. When I got married and traveled to Australia and then Singapore, we came across a Laurastar demonstration. When we came back to Malaysia we wrote to Laurastar and by coincidence Pierre was going to Singapore so he sent us a demo unit before he dropped by here to meet us. Long story short he agreed to supply us with one container load and we were committed.  

Yes we saw a need in the market and we were determined to work hard and put in what it takes to succeed.

FL: How did you begin marketing your first container load?

LPY: Initially we did not have retailers. We hired salespeople, we did roadshows in shopping malls, attended every home exhibition we could find to build up awareness of our company and brands. It was not easy but the hard work has paid off  

FL: Why are you sponsoring Fashion Week KL for a second year?

LPY: Laurastar is actually one of the unsung heroes behind the scenes that keep the show running along smoothly and on time. Its unique features ensures savings in time and effort in keeping the clothes being modeled looking their very best. It’s a workhorse that is equally handy for both touch up jobs and wardrobe emergencies.  

FWKL brings a lot of industry focus on Laurastar, paving the way for us to talk to people about our product.  

FL: How do you source for such unique brands to market?

LPY: My husband has a keen eye for innovative products that work well. They must not only look nice and be of good quality but must actually work well and be value for money. He then convinces me on the product, and if I buy his pitch we get them. 

It’s been ten years since we started and we have since established a name for ourselves as the premier company providing innovative, useful, modern and exciting new home solutions to cater to the growing needs of the Malaysian household. Along the way we have also built up a great team in our staff that can provide the requisite support services expected for such premium brands.

Besides providing distinctive quality products we always strive for unparalleled customer service to gain the respect and trust of our customers and suppliers.

FL: The price point is pretty steep for an ironing system - above 8k. How do you justify this?

LPY: It’s important to keep in mind that Laurastar is not a luxury item. It is a fully functional technologically advanced ironing solution whose true value is in its features which will actually save you precious time; effort and money while making you look well dressed and confident. The other ironing systems in the market with similar features are also in a similar price range, so we are not alone in our pricing.  

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