Wednesday, April 01, 2009

‘Bottom Top

Bottom Top’ is a comedy of mother and son, fitting in social roles, and getting it all mixed up.

This comedy will see the return of Faridah Merican to our stage. Faridah is set to appear alongside the playwright himself, Mark Beau de Silva, a two-time BOH Cameronian Arts Award nominee for Best Original Script. To top this powerhouse mix, the play will be directed by KLPac’s Artistic Director himself, Joe Hasham.

Directed by Joe Hasham, featuring the writer Mark Beau de Silva alongside Faridah Merican, ‘Bottom Top’ runs at KLPac’s Pentas 2 from 6 May to 10 May. Tickets are priced at RM25 (adults) or RM15 (students, seniors and the disabled). RM5 off if you purchase tickets for both Bottom Top and Belacan Geragok and Other Prawns (27th - 31st May)! Call 03-4047 9000 (KLPac) or log on to


Belacan Geragok and Other Prawns.

klpac is cooking up a feast with Mark Beau de Silva and Ashraf Zain in Belacan Geragok and Other Prawns. This all-new play is based on a story revolving around two Malaysians grappling with life and romance with their histories in tow.

Emmanuel de Cruz is part of the recent generation of Portuguese Eurasians who left Ujong Pasir in search of greener pastures. Adam Malik, on the other hand, has never left KL except for a short stint at MCKK.

The recession has hit the shores and Emmanuel subsequently lost his job at the TV station. Follow Adam as he coaches Emmanuel through several mock interviews, resulting in humourous and telling scenes of their relationship and their pasts which will ultimately determine their future.

Created by prolific writer Mark Beau de Silva and actor Ashraf Zain, local audiences were given a sneak preview when the duo appeared in two workshop performances in March. The feedback from the audience was taken into consideration as the two continued to fine tune the script and improve the staging of the play.

Two months later, these very same audience members will have the opportunity to see some of their thoughts and reactions injected into this entertaining treat.

Snappy, fun, and bitchy. Get to know these two prawns of different histories and smells...

This performance is recommended for matured audiences only.


I Have a Date With Spring – Open Audition

I Have a Date With Spring, The award-winning Dama Orchestra is holding auditions for their production ‘I Have A Date With Spring’. They'll be casting for 12 principal roles (5 females & 7 males), and 15 ensemble roles (males/females) and 2 musicians (Double Bass Player and Percussionist). Those interested should go to the website for the full list of requirements.

I Have A Date With Spring – The Musical is a musical adaptation of the nostalgic and heartwarming stage and movie production by acclaimed playwright Raymond To Kwok Wai and director Clifton Ko Chi Sum. Set in the 60s-80s, I Have A Date With Spring follows the dreams, hope, aspiration, love, trials and tribulations of four singers who became the dearest of friends while working together at a well-known nightclub.

Audition is By Appointment Only. To schedule an audition appointment, please call 03 6201 9107 / 8 (Eri) or surf to


An Introduction to Contemporary Art in Malaysia

Part I: The Malaysian Art Scene: Art Practice in Context
Tuesday, 31 March, 6.30pm

This first part of the series takes a look at the different forces that have shaped contemporary art practice in Malaysia. This includes the development of our art history, and art market, education and infrastructure. It also reflects on why local contemporary art is relevant and interesting to our experience in the many forms it takes, and touches on the regional and international context Malaysian artists operate within.

Part II: Painters, Sculptors
Tuesday, 14 April, 6.30pm

Contemporary art in Malaysia encompasses a wide variety of approaches. Two major traditions continue to thrive, however. Painting remains the most popular medium for Malaysian artists, who have contributed in their own way to the wider development of this international artistic language.

Part II takes a look at a Malaysian kaleidoscope of painterly visions, from modern masters still working today to exciting young painters who are becoming all the rage, from formal abstraction to social narrative. It also explores contemporary Malaysian sculpture, whose power is often rooted in local forms, craftmaking and materials, and our cultural heritage.

Part III: Breaking New Ground
Tuesday, 28 April, 6.30pm

For many younger artists, and for a new generation of viewers, contemporary experience is most clearly expressed in the language of the visual and other sensory media that surrounds us. At the same time, global developments in art and technology have opened up new expressive possibilities for local artists. Part III introduces some of the innovators working with 'alternative media', and the processes and ideas behind art works which involve installation, performance, found objects, text, sound, video, photography, digital technology and more. A related phenomenon is a rising interest in interactive public art, with artists and artist-groups exploring ways for art to involve the viewer and the community at large, finding support from public and private institutions

Admission is Free and open to all. Limited Participants per Workshop so please call 03 2051 1228 (Rofiah) or 03 2051 7717 (Juaini) to secure your place.