Tuesday, October 01, 2013


In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, hundreds of participants were put on a challenging yet interesting BOSU workout at Sunway Pyramid, Piazza area, alongside celebrities such as Ning Baizura, Sazzy Falak, Faradina, Goh Wee Ping and many more.

“From the past successful charity event, we want to continue advocating Malaysians that working out can be fun and rewarding. Unlike most charity events, many people might have not heard about BOSU exercise and this is where Celebrity Fitness comes in to introduce the new workout and share the benefits of it – some are surprised that they can jump, run and even meditate on this half-inflated rubber ball, called BOSU!” said Krishnan Malhotra, Country Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

Sazzy Falak, one of the participating celebrities couldn’t agree more. “At first, I was a bit hesitant to join this event because I had no idea what BOSU is and now, I must say that I made the right decision to participate in this exciting activity. Not only I get to work out with my fans, I am able to share the laughter, joy and sweat, in the name of charity.”

Also spotted at the event were Winson Voon, Jason Phang and Daphne Iking working out alongside everybody. The creator of BOSU, David Weck, made a special appearance during the Pink BOSU Party and welcomed Malaysians with an inspiring speech.

Seeing so many participants makes me feel so blessed and honoured today – I get to share the benefits of working out with BOSU. The various fitness regimes such as BOSU Yoga, BOSU Pilates and BOSU Functional will improve one’s body stability and body alignment while training their neurological system to interact with the musculoskeletal system,” said David Weck.

“With the support of our sponsors, participants and members, we are pleased to have raised RM 10,000 within one month! We are truly grateful for everyone’s generosity and we definitely look forward to making this event even bigger next year,” added Krishnan.

All proceeds from this event went to Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA).

“Working to the adage of “prevention is better than cure”, we are happy that Celebrity Fitness Malaysia chose Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) as beneficiary. Many are not aware that breast cancer is the most common illness in women especially those aged 20 years and above in Malaysia. In fact, one in twenty women is at risk of getting breast cancer and the number has multiplied in the last few years! I’m totally glad that Celebrity Fitness is well aware of this and is helping to educate the public with us,” said Associate Prof. Dr Zaharah Aiyub, President of BCWA.

Proceeds from the charity will be channeled towards the BCWA’s activities including the MURNI (Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information) programme that conducts clinical breast examinations and teaches breast self-examination within the “urban villages” of the Klang Valley. This also includes public education and training on early detection and treatment of breast cancer and related breast health issues.

The Pink BOSU Party was made possible with the following partners: Sunway Pyramid, Tune Talk, Astro Awani, Asia Web Direct, Biotherm, Blackmores, Silky Girl, Ecoparadise, Revive, CN Health & Beauty, Pathlab, Horleys, Sasa and Kinohimitsu..